LA ROX is an unique fitness and nutrition company with a focus on location-based fitness services. Founded by Rich and Helene Guzman in 1998, it has become a nationally and internationally known business. LA ROX has many levels to its business structure; it serves as a foundation to work with clients outside the normal fitness environment. Training is performed on location at places such as outside on a track, in the pool or ocean, at the park or beach, on a movie or TV studio site, in a private home, business setting, or a private training gym.


Personal Fitness Coach/Nutritionist

As a certified personal fitness coach and nutritionist, Rich Guzman prides himself on his ability to create and implement highly effective individualized progressive fitness and nutrition programs for his clients. Rich is a leader in his field with years of coaching experience behind him, as well the completion of an extensive training program in exercise science and nutrition at UCLA.

As Head Trainer and Director of Nutrition and Fitness at the notoriously star-studded Hollywood-based Gold’s Gym, Rich honed his skills by helping clients achieve immediate and long-term goals pertaining to health, fitness and nutrition. Rich’s philosophy has always been health first. His clients are trained to focus on nutrition and a healthful exercise regime, all of which will lead to their new body.

While remaining Director of Nutrition and Fitness at Gold’s Gym, Rich launched his own corporation, LA ROX (Resourceful Onsite X-training). LA ROX gives the Guzmans the freedom to serve a broad spectrum of athletes, those in the film, music and television industry, geriatrics, and anyone who might not be comfortable in a crowded public gym, Rich’s clientele includes numerous high-profile clients, which means his expertise in re-sculpting bodies has been captured on film and television.

Rich’s hands-on training methods are a direct result of nine years spent as a high school teacher and coach in Los Angeles, CA. This experience has given Rich the tools needed to effectively and creatively maintain the attention of his clients. In addition to teaching English at a high-school level, Rich also served as head coach of the Track & Field cross-country teams. During his tenure, four athletes received full athletic scholarships to Division I schools, something that had never before been achieved.

Rich has a BA in English Literature from Pomona College (Claremont, CA) and received his Teaching and Coaching credentials from CSULA. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and partner Helene.


Personal Fitness Coach/Corporate Manager

Helene Chimbidis-Guzman co-founded Los Angeles Resourceful Onsite X-training in 1998 with her husband/partner, Rich. Since then, the couple has been featured in over thirty publications and a dozen television spots. Her ability to manage and promote the company has allowed it to grow into an internationally known exercise and nutrition source for a diverse clientele. This year LA ROX has expanded to include a website,, offering exercise equipment for travelers and home training.

A personal fitness coach and managing director of LA ROX Inc., Helene Guzman has the acumen to motivate clients and promote a growing business. Helene’s skills evolved from eighteen years in the beauty industry and seven years of course through UCLA, National Academy of Sports Medicine, AFAA, the East Coast Alliance, and REEBOK Master Training Seminars. Helene managed a large Beverly Hills salon with a diverse staff for ten years while her own personal clientele ballooned to over four hundred. Helene works as a team with her husband, training their clients together to ensure maximum results in body reshaping.

The transition from working in a salon to directing an entire fitness and nutrition program was literally overnight. Helene, along with her husband, managed and directed the Fitness and Nutrition Department at Gold’s Gym Hollywood for 7 years before incorporating their own company. Helene is also a certified pre/post natal specialist. A dedicated¬†legion of Hollywood’s young mothers are reshaping their figures under Helene’s guidance and versatile training skills have retained her celebrity clientele loyalty.