Chris SaffignaChris Gio

Chris grew up alongside the golden beaches of Australia competing in a wide range of competitive sports, becoming a champion in sprinting, high jump, swimming and surfing. He took this love for surfing and travelled all over Australia searching for the biggest, most perfect waves he could find. This passion for sports, and being in top physical condition, led Chris to want to help others enjoy the feeling of being healthy, strong and in tune with their body.

Chris has over 10 years of experience training a variety of clients, from actors and models to business executives and athletes. He has dedicated himself to assisting people of all ages get into top condition for movie roles, red carpet events and weddings. He also enjoys helping people transform into toned and lean shape for summer holidays at the beach and relaxing around the pool.  

Chris specializes in creating amazing physiques and nutritious healthy diets for his clients. He has spent many years perfecting and analyzing training techniques to build muscle in an aesthetic way for both males and females. It is these intricate details that help Chris’s clients develop top physiques.

He has developed a high level of knowledge on healthy eating habits, and how to help his clients lose fat in a healthy way that they can maintain. He provides his clients with detailed meal plans and supports them as they lose the fat and reach the level of leanness that they are happy with.

Chris cares deeply about his clients and works his hardest to help them reach their fitness goals and obtain the physique they have always dreamed of.

He holds current personal training certification with American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA)