Rich GuzmanRich Guzman
As a certified personal fitness coach and nutritionist, Rich Guzman prides himself on his ability to create and implement highly effective individualized progressive fitness and nutrition programs for his clients. Rich is a leader in his field with years of coaching experience behind him, as well the completion of an extensive training program in exercise science and nutrition at UCLA. READ MORE >
Helene GuzmanHelene Guzman
Helene Chimbidis-Guzman co-founded Los Angeles Resourceful Onsite X-training in 1998 with her husband/partner, Rich. Since then, the couple has been featured in over thirty publications and a dozen television spots. Her ability to manage and promote the company has allowed it to grow into an internationally known exercise and nutrition source for a diverse clientele. This year LA ROX has expanded to include a website,, offering exercise equipment for travelers and home training. READ MORE >
Lauren KernLauren Kern
Lauren Kern, B.S., CSCS, has her Bachelor’s degree from UC Davis in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Ms. Kern specializes in a wide range of training modalities, including weight-loss, bodybuilding, Kettlebell training and athletic training. Lauren’s other niche talents include bikini/figure show preparation and nutritional guidance for pre and postnatal women. READ MORE >
Chris-Saffigna-2Chris Gio
Chris grew up alongside the golden beaches of Australia competing in a wide ranging of competitive sports, becoming a champion in sprinting, high jump, swimming and surfing. He took this love for surfing and travelled all over Australia searching for the biggest most perfect waves he could find. This passion for sports, and being in top physical condition led Chris to want to help others enjoy feeling of being healthy, strong and in tune with their body. READ MORE >
Jaron HawkinsJaron Hawkins
With over 12 years of martial arts experience, Jaron brings a diverse and clarity-based mindset to his students. Being an IDF veteran, he knows what it means to serve a higher purpose and works towards the goals and wishes of each student individually. READ MORE >
Laila GarsysLaila Garsys
Laila Garsys has been taught and guided by internationally recognized yogis and healers, Laila’s yoga style is modeled after an interdisciplinary background. Laila also possesses bodywork skills ranging from Myofasical Bodywork and Trigger Point Therapy to Therapeutic Thai Massage. READ MORE >
Jennifarre DavisJennifarre Davis
Jennifarre has been in the Los Angeles health and fitness industry for over 15 years. Starting at a young age she was an athlete year round playing basketball, volleyball, track-and-field, and fast pitch softball. READ MORE >