How to Stay Motivated

How to Stay Motivated

The most difficult task we face in any fitness regimen is consistency. All variables point towards motivation.There must be an ulterior motive that forces us into compliance. For most of us it is a vanity issue, but there are some whose physical balance must be met. Where does one begin and end, when is the physical self at its peak, and how do we maintain what we have accomplished?

Eye on the Prize

Self-reliance is usually the least successful motivator. Most of us require a goal! Goals are our most inspirational methods of attaining higher levels of physical fitness. Some are as simple as training for the ability to eat more. Others involve complex achievements involving scores of variables; attracting another person, a race or content, a wedding or party, or an outfit or clothing that only someone fit should wear. Do these seem familiar?

Achieving Your Weight Loss Goal

The most important matter is setting a realistic goal. Losing an enormous amount of weight in a short time period is not realistic for most individuals. However, it can be accomplished! If weight loss becomes a critical endeavor because of relationship woes, health reasons or for professional advancement, it is hugely motivating. The obstacles one faces in weight loss or gain stem from food issues. If the body is not nourished properly, it slows down and stores food as fat or it consumes muscle and energy. Consult a nutritionist or dietician for guidance. Following a fad diet never creates a permanent solution.

Balancing Act

Diet alone and exercise alone rarely give satisfactory results. When one finds a harmony between the two the experience may be staggering, It is a relationship not unlike the love two individuals may share. There has to be respect between the two, sharing, and a willingness to laugh. Too much serious behavior causes tension and may tear at the fibers of a strong relationship. Therefore, we need, we need to step back to move forward, A break from the daily regime for as much as a week may keep the relationship between the diet and exercise strong. One may laugh at the incredible futility of exercising two hours daily to justify consuming an entire pizza. Why?

Knowing What Route to Take is Half the Battle

The tendency for most beginning a program of diet or exercise is to be too strict. Remember to set attainable goals! People tend to be “all or nothing” personalities, but we need be aware of these tendencies. If we identify our corruptive side then we may plan an attack to win the small battles. Most of us wish to simply win the war without achieving the smaller victories that lead to the goal. Sometimes, we need the aid of a professional. Hiring a professional guide is much like receiving directions from one who knows the most direct route.

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