Triathlete Rich Guzman can get you in condition for any type of race—triathlon, marathon, 5k or 10k. He is also a post rehab specialist for all types of injuries. Swim sessions can be done in the ocean or pool, getting you ready to compete, and cycling (indoors or outdoors on our PCH race route) will condition your body the day before the race. Rich will also use his track coach experience to clean up your stride, making running effortless and low impact on joints.

La rox celebrity athletes
Lance Acord
Yancy Arias
Matt Corboy
Jon Cryer
Britany Daniel
Christian de la Fuente
Brooke Dillman
Mark Feuerstein
Nick Gonzalez
John Hamm
Peter Hudnut
Ali Landry
Jason Lee
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Bodie Olmos
Missi Pyle
Giovanni Ribisi
Suzanne Rico
Amanda Righetti
Rodney Rowland
Alex Servent
Nicole Sullivan
Ethan Suplee
Heather Tom
Eduardo Verastagui
Randy Wayne
Owain Yeoman


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Here’s What Our Athletes Have to Say

“LA ROX turned me from a unrepentant couch potato into an enthusiastic amateur triathlete. No workouts are ever the same. It’s hard work, but a blast just the same. They truly changed my life. Thanks Rich and Helene!”

-Jon Cryer, Actor from Two and a Half Men

“Helene and Rich have a versatile and creative approach to fitness. The workouts are always different and fun so I never get bored. LA ROX not only gave me a new body, but a new outlook on how to be healthy from the inside out! I travel a lot, and I finally have a workout that I am excited to come home to! Helene and Rich are passionate about fitness and helping people reach their goals. It’s awesome to finally have a team that I feel is truly invested in my personal success! They ROCK!”

-Monique Coleman, Actress from High School Musical