Helene Guzman specializes in pre/post natal training, strength conditioning, core stability and weightloss programs. Her experience and guidance has helped new mothers with their fear of training while pregnant. With Helene, post-baby workouts are focused on keeping a sleep deprived mother’s energy high, as well as achieving her pre-baby body in record pace. Sessions can be completed at the gym, home or park with baby in stroller.

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Selma Blair
Zoe Bonham
Ali Landry
Poppy Montgomery
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“I started working out with Helene after the birth of my first child. In one month’s time I was in the best shape of my life. I looked and felt better than I did in my 20s. It is now 5 years later and I am having my third child. I have worked out consistently through all of my pregnancies. I feel that because of Helene’s expertise, I have had incredible deliveries and have bounced back into shape quickly. She is a joy to be around and not only changed my body but also my life.”

Ali Landry, Actress/Host from TV Guide Fashion Wrap

“I worked with Helene before I was pregnant and then when I found out I was pregnant I knew I would be in wonderful hands. Helene’s expertise and gentle encouragement helped to make my pregnancy a joy! The program she designed for me kept me feeling fit and energetic all the way through until I gave birth. My body has bounced back almost effortlessly thanks to a great fun workout program Helene designed for me while pregnant. She made the workouts, fun, relaxing, spiritual and energizing all at the same time. I credit having a beautiful , healthy and comfortable pregnancy to Helene Guzman’s workout program.”

Poppy Montgomery, Actress from Without a Trace

“I managed to lose 15lbs for my wedding and hugely thanks to Helene, who worked with me throughout. Helene manages to do what no one else has done in my training sessions, which is prevent me from being bored. I need not do the same repetitions over and over of the same exercises, as I simply wouldn’t come back. We work hard without feeling like it, and the hour usually flies by. Dare I say, it’s quite good fun…”

Lucy Davis, Actress from The Office (UK)

“After my 2nd baby, the thought of skinny jeans was an impossibility. Then I started working out with Helene. Now I wear them every week. Helene changed my body faster than I expected too!”

Miranda Bailey, Mother of Wilder 4 yr & Goldie 1 yr

“I worked with Helene after giving birth to my third baby. I had worked with several other trainers before but working with Helene was a transformative unique experience. She pushed me to reach my goals and I lost all my baby weight and an extra 25lbs within months after beginning our sessions. She is an amazing trainer and it is always a pleasure spending time with her.”

Rochel Leah Deitcher